O'Keefe Extra Old Stock was a 7.1% ABV malt liquor brewed by Molson Coors.  In 2003 it was rebranded as Carling Black Label Extra Old Stock.  Carling and O'Keefe were originally two separate breweries, both of which got acquired by Canadian Breweries in the 1930s. Canadian Breweries was sold and resulted in a new brewer called Carling O'Keefe in 1973. Carling O'Keefe was sold again and then went on to merge with Molson, who later went on to merge with Coors.  O'Keefe Extra Old Stock had more of that "biere forte" (strong beer) taste that I associate with Canada's malt liquors than it did our American malt liquor flavor.  It was good, but when I was done I was questioning the legitimacy of the alcohol content.  Overall 6/10 swills.  Thanks to 40oz Crew member IMT40s for this!

So I'm up in Canada last weekend headed to Victoria, stuck waiting for the ferry, stoned out of my mind on weed cookies and passed out in my car. My buddy comes knocking on my window, hops in, and is like dude, look what I got, whips an Extra Old Stock out of a paper bag. I'd never heard of this and was stoked and grabbed it for a slug. This first sip had a weird, kind of barley-moldy flavor like Keystone Ice, not miserable, but not great. But I was entirely too fucked up to tell for sure, so the next night I scored a couple for myself. The flavor was as I remembered from the night before, but my palette didn't have such a strong reaction this time. It tasted fucking strange, but it was actually good, surprisingly good. I sucked that bad boy down fast (thanks to the widemouth), and the flavor was totally consistent the whole way. Strangely, it gave me almost no buzz at all. The other weird thing was it coated my mouth with this weird shit and made me salivate like a hungry wolf. But this wasn't a huge bother. A unique malt to say the least. Solid 8 swills out of 10.

Wow, this is weird..................on the first sip, I was saying "Holy shit, this is fucking delicious!" but by the end of the bottle I was like "I still have more to drink?" A very strong flavor, kinda' reminds me of Private Stock, but obviously not as good. Swill wasn't bad though. Who cares, it's a rare-ass bottle that most people don't have. 5/10 because it's proud to be 7.1% and got me a slight buzz.

The first couple sips tasted just OK. But then, it happened. It bacame Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. I loved it. But yet I can't really describe the flavor. I guess the closest I can guess would be a "smooth taste with a hint of BBQ wood chips". The buzz factor was average. but The bottle is definetly heavier and thicker than the average 40. so it feels like your holding a "big ass brick". I give this one a 7.5 out of 10. The .5 is because of the heavy ass bottle.

I noticed on the first sip that this 40 tastes kind of bitter.. but not in a bad way. I drank about half of it, and i felt a slight buzz, and then i finished it off. Im buzzin, kinda, and I think if i got a bottle without a defective label (this label started peeling off), I would appreciate it a lot more. All in all, its a good brew, worthy of 8/10 Swillz.

My man Orentha is out in Idaho but made a trip up to Canada and brought back 5 of these...I promptly offered him a Ballantine Ale for one and he took the deal. I'm very excited about this one! The bottle is beautiful This shit is great! Nice and bubbly on the tongue, with a good, brisk, beer taste. Doesn't have any malt funkiness at all. This tastes like a good, strong beer. The crack was a bad one -- the ring refused to rip off -- but it doesn't seem to be flat at all. The widemouth isn't bothering me at all, and I think that its acually making this even more enjoyable! There is no American counterpart for this quality Canadian beer. O'Keefes has been doing their thing for a good 20 years and they clearly know whats going on. I would drink the shit out of this if it was available to me.Buzz: B Taste: B+

Imported straight from Vancouver! Cracked it and smelled it, smelled normal but not too strong for being 7.1%. Took the first sip, and it was fucking SWEET! I was amazed and it took a few seconds to sink in. This brew tastes amazing. Much better than most 5% brews in flavour. This shit is unbelievably smooth, and its sweet all the way through! Labatt Maximum Ice at 7.1% is horseass compared to this (compared to anything). Locally available it would be the only 40 i would buy, its so good. Swill is no problem, and usually i suck at drinking warm beer. Props to my mom for hooking me up. I hate to say this so much, but 10/10

i think i was the first person in the 40oz crew to try this 40 (unless there are members from the BC area) i remember the last time i went to vancouver i wanted to get drunk the first day i got there so i went to this little shithole of a "cold beer and wine" store and this was the only 40oz that i saw...i remember i walked in and asked for olde english and they told me they have extra old....confusing shit....anyway i bought 5 of those bitches for about 6 canadian dollars a pop...FUCKING RIP OFF!!! jesus....i remember i gave the 40 a smell test and it didnt smell good....kinda like barley or something...and for the 40 itself....it tasted like barley mixed with rubber or something wierd like that....later on that night, as i was drinking my second one, we bought this joint of BC bud off some guy in the park and i remember that i wasnt really drunk myself but i got super stoned after i smoked the herb....so the 40 gets 7 out of 10 swills (not 6 because i did get my cousins friend drunk for his first time that day off extra old stock so i guess its special in a way) and the BC bud gets 10 out of 10 puffs for being some dank ass shit

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