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How do I join the 40oz Crew?
The way to join the 40oz Crew is by joining this message board and making posts.  In doing that, you'll get to know us & we'll get to know you, and just like that you'll be considered "40oz Crew".

Can I go to the Meeting of the Minds (MOTM)?
Generally speaking, if you've made at least 500 posts on here, you should know by then whether or not you'll feel "welcome" at any big 40oz Crew meeting.  The post count isn't a measure of whether or not you can come - people with less may be welcome, but on the other hand, people with more may still not be fitting in well.   You should feel comfortable meeting us, and we should feel comfortable meeting you.  The way to do that is by posting on here and telling us a little about your personal life & other interests, so that we get to know you.

Why can't I see the threads in the 40oz Crew Meetings forum?
Post more and you will.  Once you hit 50 posts, you'll automatically be able to view those threads.  It's set this way to keep our photos & videos private from the public eye.

Why can't I see the threads in the Speakeasy forum?
Similar to the above, this forum will become available automatically once you post enough.  You need 500 posts to enter.  It's set this way to keep certain discussions private from both the public and trolls.

Advice on how to handle yourself as a newbie! 
- Be respectful to the other members on here
- Use common sense
- Understand sarcasm
- Have a sense of humor (without being a doofus)
- Newbies that are just talking shit or coming off as trolls will be permanently banned without warning

Know Your Malts!
Read these articles to learn the important stuff real quick:

40oz Crew Agreement
When it comes to collecting 40oz bottles, we are not here to screw each other over.  This is not about sending secret private messages to various members in hopes of maximizing profits.  If you're here to try and sell old 40oz bottles for as much money as you can, go put your bottles up on eBay and we'll find them there, I promise.  For the most part we're done paying $50+ for one 40oz bottle.  If you like collecting 40s, then share your collecting with us:  post photos of your collection in the Liquor Store forum, do some trades in the Pawn Shop forum, and tell us about your new scores in the 40oz Crew Rankings thread.  Enjoy being able to talk about & share your passion with others who have the same passion.  Just don't be secretive, shady, or greedy.

Get familiar with the layout of the forum!
Before you jump straight into making your first post, make sure you know where to post it.  Check out the forum directory here - - and read the descriptions under each forum to know what posts go where.

Certain threads are not for "discussion" (so make only one reply per thread)!
Certain threads in the forum are meant to be replied to by you once and that's it. You can always go back & edit your post in that thread. These are "reference threads", not conversation threads. Only post once in the following threads:
- 40oz Crew Profiles (in Liquor Store): post some info on yourself
- Your 40oz Collections (in Liquor Store): post a list of your collection
- What do you have to offer? (in Pawn Shop): post a list of the 40s you can get to trade
- Board Member Trade Feedback (in Pawn Shop): post your trade feedback on other members

Try not to pollute!
Try not to clutter up the board with multiple posts about the same stuff.  If you see a post on the first couple of pages about something you want to comment about, reply with your comment in that pre-existing post, instead of starting another thread about the same thing.  If you do start a new thread, it'll get merged with the similar previously existing thread.  Feel free to use the search function on the forum to see if something's already been talked about as well.  And if you just have a general comment that doesn't deserve it's own new thread, there are places you can post that:  General 40oz/malt liquor discussion thread in the Liquor Store forum (for anything alcohol/drinking related) and Longest Thread Ever in the Jibba-Jabba forum (for all other random thoughts/comments).  Both threads are pinned to the top of their respective forums so you can find them easily.

Also try not to post multiple replies in a row.  "Triple posting" (3 replies, back-to-back, in the same thread, all by the same person) tends to annoy people.  There is an "edit" link for you to edit your replies if you have something you want to add before anyone else has replied.

When discussing current movies or TV shows, do not post spoilers. If you want to post spoilers, you must use the spoiler code, like this (do not include the spaces):

[ spoiler ]I can't believe Hulk murdered Iron Man in the new Avengers movie![ /spoiler ]

When typed without the spaces it will appear like this (click on the +):

How do I upload and post pictures? 
The easiest way to post a picture is to use this simple code (do not include the spaces):
[ img ] [ /img ] 
The photo you want to post must already be hosted online somewhere.  If it's a photo you took yourself, you can use a service like Photobucket, which actually can link to your Yuku account here.  To do that click on the "Account" link at the top left corner of the 40oz Crew forum, then click on "Photobucket" at the bottom left corner of the next screen. If you use the forum on your cell phone, then the Photobucket app is also very helpful. Upload your pics to Photobucket with the app, then click on the "IMG" code to copy the link that will be compatible with this forum!

How do I stay logged into the desktop version on my phone?
If you're using an iPhone and can't stay logged into the forum and it keeps defaulting back to the mobile version, then you have "Private" browsing enabled. Here is how to enable/disable it (although first I cleared my "History and Website Data" in Settings > Safari, as well):

To access the desktop version of the forum instead of the mobile version, tap the address bar to bring up the bookmarks & recent history. Then slide your finger down to reveal some additional options, including "Request Desktop Site":

How do I change my username/edit my profile/upload an avatar/create a signature?
Click on the Account link at the top left corner of the screen. Play around in there, you should be able to figure it all out.

To make sure your signature appears under your posts, check the "Post Options" box underneath where you are typing and select your signature from the dropdown menu. Or, if you are replying to a post via 'Quick Reply' (versus 'Add Reply'), make sure the "Use Default Signature" box is checked.

Custom Member Titles
Post more & you'll pull more rank.  500 posts & you can have one.  There is a thread in Jibba-Jabba where you can request them, or send me a PM with exactly what you want as your member title.  Titles appear under your name & avatar in each of your posts.

YouTube Drinking Videos
Read how to post videos here. This forum is a separate social network from YouTube. Many forum members have never even made a video, and many of the people making videos on YouTube aren't members of this forum. The members of this forum tend to only watch videos by other forum members. The 40oz Crew created what has now evolved into the "YouTube Drinking Community" but we are no longer one in the same.

Community Chest Contributions
If you want this board to run nicely, it is up to you guys. Your donations prevent ads from cluttering up this place. To make a contribution:

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