I know I already have an open thread, but I just scored a 12oz private stock from one of our very own on here.

Anyone looking for both the corner store + p stock for any of these:

kick axe
evil eye
coqui 900

(or anything else in your collection that interests me)

I get that these are all RIP, but I know there are some collectors out there!

Most of you probably have access to what I have, but in my distro I have:

Magnum (40)
King cobra (24 + 40)
West Coast OE (24 + 40)
E40 (24 + 40)
Colt 45 (24)
Hurricane HG (24 +40)
Steel reserve (24 + 40)
Carslberg (32 oz can)
earthquake (24)
Mickeys (glass)
natural ice
Keystone Ice
Bud Ice
All of the steel reserve spiked punch

Shoot me a message!